He needs a break! GoFundMe created to buy Jeff Lindner a vacation

Jeff Lindner, meteorologist with the Harris County Flood Control District, is being called a hero by some for possibly saving thousands of lives during Hurricane Harvey.

It seems that Lindner never sleeps. You’ve seen him in his blue collared, buttoned-up shirt giving updates live on TV about the status of the water levels during this flood emergency.

A woman who was helping her father evacuate on a boat shared her gratitude for Lindner with Eyewitness News Reporter Courtney Fischer.

“Jeff Lindner is my hero,” Diane Rahn said.

“It has been my honor to get accurate and concise information out to help as many as we could to make the best decisions,” he wrote in response to Rahn’s shout out.

Lindner has been providing a constant flow of significant information since Friday about the reservoirs, levees, bayous, etc.

He’s being recognized for his tireless efforts and now one person is campaigning for Houstonians to help him get some much-needed rest.

Blake Ford created a GoFundMe page called, “Let’s Buy Jeff Lindner a Vacation.”

“Throughout the unpredictable battering by Harvey the last five days, Harris County Flood Control District Meteorologist Jeff Lindner has proved an invaluable resource. He has provided us with a calm, analytical, and composed presence during an incredibly fluid and complicated situation: never once looking uncertain or overwhelmed while discussing planned releases and changing water levels,” Ford wrote. ”
He said that not only has Lindner been on live TV giving updates about the water levels, he has also been answering questions on social media from concerned citizens.

“He just looks like he knows his stuff and gives off a frankly fantastic vibe. He had an answer ready for every question, every followup, and never once dodged a difficult question nor was he afraid to honestly inform the public of imminent trouble,” Ford wrote.

Ford said that even though he does not know Lindner, like many other residents in the area, he thinks he deserves a break and wants to show his thanks for giving Lindner a vacation after this is all over.

A goal of $3,000 is set for the GoFundMe. So far, $915 has been raised.

Ford said if the goal is met, he will make sure Lindner gets every dollar for him to choose wherever he wants to go.

“If this initial amount is raised, I will happily increase the amount. If Jeff wants to go on a European river cruise, we are going to make sure Jeff goes on a European river cruise. However if a flood event occurs, I am confident he will Skype in,” Ford wrote.

Eyewitness News shares the same sentiment. We thank you, Jeff Lindner!

Visit the GoFundMe page for more information about the Lindner vacation campaign.

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