This app can help you make extra cash walking dogs

Have you ever thought, ‘I’d love to adopt a dog,’ but you work long hours or travel a lot? People are now sharing the responsibilities of their pooch, creating a side hustle that can make you good money.

For Chuck Martinez, who lives in the Jersey Village area, but works near the Galleria, taking two fur babies on a daily walk was impossible – until now.

With apps like Rover, Martinez chooses the day, time, and length of the walk he wants his dogs to go on.

“After day one I was comfortable, at ease, knowing they are taken care of. I don’t have to worry about them at work. I know they are fine,” Martinez said.

Matthew Paxson, whose main job is an environmental consultant, signed up to make extra cash.

“Things have just been slow in the Houston area with the price of oil going down, so I signed up with Rover to make some extra money,” Paxson said.

The app tracks your pet’s walk and requires pictures to be uploaded.

“It’s a great extra source of income, and it’s a lot of fun walking the dogs. We do walks anyway, and we’re making money for it,” Paxson explained.

Paxson makes $18 for a 30 minute walk per each dog. That’s $36 per walk times three walks a week. That’s over $100 in extra cash.

“Rover takes 20 percent of that. We don’t get the whole amount. Rover provides us with a 24-hour emergency line in case something happens, and then Rover also provides us with insurance, too,” Paxson said.

Rover also has options to board your animal or hire a dog sitter to come to your home.

“It is great being our own bosses, and if something comes up and we can’t make it, then we say we can’t do that day but we can do this other day,” Paxson told reporters.

To sign up to be a dog sitter or walker simply download the Rover App. You will have to complete a background check.

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