‘The View’ grills NYC mayor Bill de Blasio: ‘You screwed the city up’

ABC News’ “The View” has seen a resurgence in relevancy and popularity during Trump’s presidency, but the outspoken ladies attacked a different — and perhaps unlikely — politician on Wednesday when New York City mayor Bill de Blasio joined the show.

The mayor started off praising his plan for universal healthcare, prompting far-left co-host Joy Behar to tell the Democratic mayor he sounded like a Republican for saying that healthcare for all should be provided locally. “They believe in small government,” she said.

“Only on ‘The View’ would you hear a host compare the radically leftist mayor of New York City to ‘a Republican,’ Media Research Center analyst Kristine Marsh wrote. “The hosts gave Bill De Blasio a tougher shake than most news programs do, but still praised his socialist health care plan that guarantees free health care for illegal aliens.”

De Blasio told Behar that he assumed she “means that in the best way,” laughing off the comparison to a member of the GOP.

“De Blasio stuck to the typical liberal lines of health care being a “universal right,” even claiming that his plan would save the city money because illegals wouldn’t have to go the emergency room as frequently to get their health care, and it would prevent everyone else from getting sick as well,” Marsh wrote.

Then things got interesting when worked-up co-host Whoopi Goldberg pivoted to her thoughts on New York City.

“Know what’s really pissing me off… you built 83 miles or protected bike lanes. I like bikes, I like people who ride, but I don’t think you understand the impact of taking something like Tenth Avenue, which is six lanes, down to two and a half,” Goldberg complained. “Particularly when you have a winter storm and you can’t move. None of that is moveable.”

The New York Post even featured the interview with a front page image mocking the mayor headlined, “Can of whoop-ass,” noting that Goldberg told de Blasio he really “screwed the city up.”

Goldberg wasn’t finished complaining about changes de Blasio has made to the Big Apple.

“Also, I’m upset that you love these bikes but you don’t tell people to put a helmet on,” she said. “This is an issue.”

De Blasio fired back, saying the plan is to reduce traffic crashes and fatalities.

“But you screwed the city up,” Goldberg responded.

Goldberg then told de Blasio that she doesn’t have the luxury of maneuvering the city with a police escort like the privileged politician does.

“You might want to take a look at some of this,” she said.

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