Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera forced to pay $20G a month in child support, other perks to ex-mistress

Detroit Tigers star Miguel Cabrera was ordered to pay his former mistress with whom he fathered two children with $20,000 per month in child support and to pay off her nearly $1 million mansion by July.

Cabrera was ordered by a Florida judge to pay for health care, private school tuition, day care, extra-curricular activities, vacations and $5 million life insurance policies for the children, the Detroit Free Press reported Wednesday, citing court documents. Those provisions are reportedly on top of the thousands of dollars he will have to pay Belkis Rodriguez, who lives in Orlando.

Cabrera was also ordered to give the children, a boy aged 6 and girl aged 3, certain perks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World passes, according to the Free Press. The children will also get to go on vacations equal to what Cabrera and his marital wife do with their own kids.

Rodriguez initially sued Cabrera in August 2017, claiming she and their children were left hanging after Cabrera’s wife discovered their affair and argued that because Cabrera made $30 million a year she was entitled to at least $100,000 monthly under Florida’s rules for child support, the newspaper reported.

Cabrera’s lawyer said at the time Rodriguez was upset the Tigers first baseman wouldn’t leave his wife and that Cabrera had been paying Rodriguez $20,000 a month before the court order. However, Cabrera reportedly cut the amount to $5,000 in the summer of 2017. Rodriguez argued that he only did that to appease his wife who discovered the affair and filed for divorce. When Cabrera cut the payments, Rodriguez’s lawyer said Cabrera’s wife changed her mind about the divorce.

Rodriguez claimed she had no other choice to sue Cabrera after he allegedly left her with a lavish lifestyle that was out of her means, according to the Free Press.

The lawsuit was filed during one of Cabrera’s worst seasons in which he batted .249, had a .728 OPS and hit 16 home runs in 130 games. In 2018, Cabrera only played in 38 games. The two-time MVP signed an eight-year, $248 million deal in 2014.

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