Houston Rockets’ P.J. Tucker roasted for strange late-game blunder

Houston Rockets forward P.J. Tucker was captured making a bizarre blunder during Wednesday’s night game against the New York Knicks – and social media users noticed.

In the final moments of the game, the Rockets were up three points before fellow teammate Eric Gordon attempted to make an inbound pass to Tucker, who instead of taking possession of the ball watched it dribble past him.

Knicks player Noah Vonleh was able to take possession of the ball and score – putting his team just one point behind the Rockets and causing Gordon to grab his head and put his hands up in frustration.

NBA MVP James Harden, however, was able to save the day by making a 3-pointer during the final seconds of the game, sealing the Rockets’ 114-110 win. Harden scored a career-high 61 points during the game.

It was not immediately clear why Tucker refused to pick up Gordon’s inbounds pass but Rockets Coach Mike D’Antoni offered an explanation following the game. He said Tucker was confused and it appeared “300 things went through his mind.”

The flub became a topic for social media users, who appeared to be just as confused as Tucker.

“What did I just watch,” the Action Network’s Rob Perez wrote on Twitter.

“Hours later, I still don’t know why P.J. Tucker stood there and watched the ball bounce,” NBA writer Shane Young wrote.

“Confirmed: P.J. Tucker will be in ‘Space Jam’ and have his powers stolen,” DAZN’s Micah Adams’ added.

“I’ve officially seen it ALL with this all-time brain fart by P.J. Tucker,” BBall Breakdown wrote.

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