Search for missing Kentucky mom Savannah Spurlock focusing on county bridge, corn fields

On a day when her family thought they’d be celebrating Savannah Spurlock’s 23rd birthday, those close to the missing Kentucky mom instead waited Tuesday for news from the search crews combing corn fields and a bridge near the home where the mother of four was last tracked.

The Cajun Coast Search and Rescue crew’s focus on the deserted areas in Garrard County comes on the heels of Sunday’s revelation by police in an exclusive interview with Fox News. Authorities said Spurlock was taken to a home in Garrard by the three men with whom she was last seen.

The crew searching Tuesday was made up of volunteer K-9 teams and, for the first time, featured three additional volunteers, officials told Fox News. Two of the three volunteers are friends of Spurlock’s family and are former Marines

A search at the Kentucky River was set to resume on Thursday.

Spurlock, who gave birth to twins in December, was last seen on surveillance video Jan. 4 after leaving the Other Bar in Lexington with three men. Lt. Col. Rodney Richardson, assistant chief of police with the Richmond Police Department, told reporters that Spurlock’s last known location was at a home in Garrard County – located some 40 miles from the bar. Richardson said the three men did not know Spurlock before meeting her at the establishment that night.

Though one of the men reportedly told police Spurlock departed the home in the morning, Richardson said investigators have not been able to verify that she left.

Spurlock’s mother, Ellen, told the Lexington Herald-Leader she believed the three men were not telling authorities everything they knew.

“I think the guys she was with know more than they are saying,” Ellen Spurlock said. “Their story doesn’t make sense. She left with no money, no car, no coat, no phone in a different county than where she lives. It’s not like her.”

Ellen Spurlock recalled that, on the day her daughter vanished, Savannah had been looking forward to going out after recently giving birth to twins.

“I thought she needed a little break. She hadn’t done anything for months since she just had the twins,” Ellen said.

She urged the men to tell police anything else they knew about Spurlock.

“I would say, ‘Please, I’m begging you, tell everything to police you know. If you’re hiding something, which I think you are, please come forth and think about if one of your loved ones was missing,” she said.

Ellen said it would be “difficult” if her daughter isn’t found Tuesday.

No charges have been filed against the three men who were questioned and police have not officially identified any suspects in Spurlock’s disappearance.

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