‘Big Bang Theory’ star Kaley Cuoco shares final cast and crew flash mob dance in behind-the-scenes videos

Tradition is a powerful thing on the set of “The Big Bang Theory,” which Kaley Cuoco proved by sharing a slew of behind-the-scenes video showcasing the cast and crew’s final annual flash mob.

Cuoco took to Instagram to share a series of five posts that include photos and videos of their Season 12 surprise dance. The star shared the clips and noted that she promised fans the show would go out with an appropriately titled “bang.”

“A sneak peak [sic] of tonight’s epic @bigbangtheory_cbs final flash mob!! Might be one of my favorite moments in 12 years. I told you we would go out with a bang!!”

In one of the video clips, the principal cast is called to greet the live studio audience when suddenly the backdrop goes away and the cast and crew gather on the set of the gang’s living room for a choreographed dance set to The Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life.” Cuoco explains that the flash mob is a tradition meant to surprise the writers as well as the lucky studio audience.

The star even noted that series creator Chuck Lorre respected the tradition so much that he insisted on seeing the big moment via FaceTime while he was on away from the set.

“Yes. Chuck Lorre was on location and didn’t wanna miss our flash mob, so he FaceTimed in to watch us dance,” Cuoco wrote. “No words.”

As “The Big Bang Theory” finishes out its 12th and final season, the star promised that many more behind-the-scenes videos were to come.

You can watch the rest of Cuoco’s clips below:

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