Acid spill forces evacuation at Lone Star College

Lone Star College issued an evacuation order late Wednesday morning at its University Park campus in northwest Harris County due to a reported acid spill. 

The college system tweeted, “THIS IS NOT A DRILL Emergency at LSC-UNIVERSITY PARK.” 

Lone Star College urged students and staff to “calmly evacuate and move away from building 12/13 6th floor.” 

The college police chief later confirmed the acid spill. 

The Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office tweeted it was “responding to a Bromine spill” at the college. 

A helicopter photographed people standing outside one of the buildings, as well as a person being rolled out on a stretcher.

There were seven reported exposures to the chemical and only two people were sent to the hospital as a precaution, the police chief added. 

The campus is located just off Tomball Parkway near Louetta. 

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