Motorcycle racer Daley Mathison becomes 259th killed on world’s deadliest race course

The world’s deadliest racing course has claimed another victim.

Daley Mathison was killed Monday when he crashed his motorcycle at an estimated 130 mph during the Isle of Man TT races, becoming the 259th contestant killed on the Irish Sea island’s 38-mile-long Snaefell Mountain Course. He was 27.

Mathison, seen here in 2015, has been racing on the Isle of Man since 2013.

Mathison, seen here in 2015, has been racing on the Isle of Man since 2013. (Getty Images)

According to The Sun, Mathison was competing in a superbike race when he lost control on the third of four laps of the notoriously treacherous circuit, which is comprised of public roads. Mathison has been racing at the venue since 2013.

The English rider’s wife Natalie posted a message to fans on his Twitter account, referencing their daughter, Daisy.

Three major events are held annually on the course, which recorded its first death in 1911. Last year, three riders died, including two in during the Isle of Man TT, which is a collection of races that runs for a week starting in late May or early June.

The event was suspended after Mathison’s accident on Monday and races were canceled on Tuesday due to poor weather conditions.

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency with a population of 83,000 that is known for having no posted speed limit on many of its roads.

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