Fresno woman bringing her love of travel to your children’s milestones

Countries once far away on maps are now getting closer- coin by coin.

“I just dreamed it was this magical piece of another world,” said Tiffany Reimer, of Passport 4 Change.

Reimer is the creator of Passport 4 Change, an idea to bring a global tooth fairy to your home. The flight attendant started the idea after taking her niece on a work field trip.

“I asked her if she could go anywhere in the world where would she go and she said ‘um, Target.’ So I knew I had a lot of work to do, so I wanted to expand her mind, I wanted her world to be bigger.”

Reimer went home and started her first Passport 4 Change kit, which comes completes with a foreign coin, story, and map.

“My niece called a few weeks later and said, ‘aunt Tiffany, my first tooth fell out, the tooth fairy was in England having tea with the Queen and she left me British pounds,’ so she’s learning about our world and she can find England on a map.”

Reimer said instead of putting cash under your kid’s pillow, these coins open up the world to young minds taking them to places from England to China.

“I have 20 different coins from 20 different countries around the world that always revolving as I travel and collect them.”

Reimer hopes to open up their minds to the world and says the kit can teach them about geography, math and cultures. A portion of proceed will even go to student study abroad programs.

Passport 4 Change is available online and Reimer hopes it will help children travel beyond their hometowns.

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