HPD investigating Snapchat video that looks like random shooting spree

A Snapchat video that appears to show people randomly shooting out of a moving vehicle in west Houston is now being investigated by police.

On Wednesday, police said that no one had reported anything on the alleged shootings and they could not investigate without a complaint.

A day later, they said they are “actively investigating two people firing guns from moving car.”

Residents were on edge after the video went viral on social media.

According to Reddit user “HARRISCORES,” three different videos on Snapchat appear to show a man shooting out of a vehicle on Memorial near Crossroads Drive and a female shooting out of a vehicle near Highway 6 between Memorial and Westheimer.

In each post, the person is allegedly seen shooting out of an open window of a moving vehicle. To those in the area, the videos are causing a lot of concern.

“It’s pointless and it’s reckless,” Josh Endicott said. “That’s about the only thing I’d have to say about it.”

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