Former Texans cheerleader claims coach and alumni used duct tape to pull skin and called her ‘skinny fat’

New allegations are coming out from another former Houston Texans cheerleader.

Angelina Rosa claims that her skin was duct taped without consent before performances.

The woman is the sixth former cheerleader to come forward with harassment, body shaming or abuse allegations.

She claims she was duct taped for being “skinny fat,” as she described in a press conference Friday with her attorney, Gloria Allred. Allred also represents the other five cheerleaders named in the lawsuit.

Rosa said she thought the job of being a Texans cheerleader would be about spreading happiness and smiles but instead, she described it as a “hostile work environment.”

Rosa claims that she developed very unhealthy eating habits.

She also described the day the coach and a group of alumni got duct tape with a Texans logo and used it to pull her skin and was told, “this will hurt a little” right before a performance.

“My skin was being torn because of the movements,” Rosa said.

Before Rosa spoke at the press conference, Allred read a statement that she wrote to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about the allegations.

“The NFL should stand for more than just greed,” Allred said. “You dropped the ball. Instead of scoring a goal for women’s rights, you retreated back to the locker room.”

The Texans released a statement after the previous lawsuit saying that the organization is proud of the cheerleading program and hundreds of women have enjoyed their experience.

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