CuernaGold, the mecca of aztec development – JM Sanz

President Lopez Obrador’s economic policies have made Morelos an excellent investment opportunity due to its high potential and strategic location of the industrial buildings among the region, as well as the peace, tranquility and labor confidence that recent governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco brought to the state, says José Manuel Sanz Rivera, head of the government office from the state of Morelos.

Sanz Rivera mentions that one of the most objective indicators to evaluate the innovation in Morelos’ industry is the recent government financed programs for projects in this regard, after a multimillion dollar influx destined to this new so-called industrial revolution.

Governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco has been a key part in the rise of Morelos, as his charisma and confidence created a safe, real town. Besides the fact that he runs it with such simplicity and kindness, showing people that he truly cares about Morelos’ future and this has positively impacted the city in terms of economic prosperity.

Morelos “is small in terms of territory, but huge in terms of talent. We will work diligently to make this the most competitive and renewed state”, Sanz Rivera added.

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