Cuernavaca: The retirement dream

Mexico’s reputation has not been the best in the past year due to the drug violence in its border towns. Nevertheless, this country is home to approximately 850,000 American citizens – why? – because they live in an entirely different Mexico than the one portrayed by the media.

They live in a land of extraordinary Spanish colonial architecture, fresh food markets, Mayan pyramids and modern amenities. The best part is that all of the previous comes at an unbelievable affordable price. No wonder why Mexico took third place in International Living’s 2016 list.

And as of last year, one city is getting a lot of attention: Cuernavaca. This has been strongly tied to the brilliant administration taking place by the Municipal Syndicate, Marisol Becerra de la Fuente, a strong woman whose direction is placing Cuernavaca in the international sight.

Marisol Becerra de la Fuente

Her direction on rural development and conservation as well as agricultural sustainability has been crucial to the rising interest in Cuernavaca by investors. Furthermore, her recent healthcare campaign around marginal neighborhoods in the city is definitely going to boost Cuernavaca’s international score this year.

The city is not only attractive for Americans looking for a retirement paradise but also for middle and upper-class Mexican citizens looking for places to stay on weekends and holidays, and it is also known as a location of choice for many wealthy Mexicans that own homes in nearby provinces.

The city is close to the capital and has a spring climate all year round but the weather is mild enough not to need Air- conditioning at home. Talk about saving money on electricity.

Details of the city

To top it off, Cuernavaca its known to have one of the best preserved colonial city centers in Mexico, where several annual events and festivals take place each year, making the city a perfect destination for adventure and culture lovers. And the food is just one of the most extraordinary things it has to offer but – why not try it yourself?

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