Cuernavaca’s booming economy

Last year’s general elections in Mexico were historical for many reasons. First, MORENA with its founder-candidate, Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), won the Presidential election, giving Mexico its first left-leaning government in democratic history. Second, the city of Cuernavaca has greatly benefited both economically and in terms of safety, since Municipal Syndicate Marisol Becerra de la Fuente, got into power.

These shifts are creating profound economic and social effects in the city of Cuernavaca with Becerra de la Fuente’s leadership. The city has seen changes in terms of system operability as well as in quality of life since the change in government. In just 7 months many polls have shown how notorious is the Syndicate’s work since Becerra de la Fuente took charge in a city that was doomed by corruption and chaos from previous administrations.

Many things are changing drastically as we speak such as rural development and conservation as well as agricultural sustainability, making investors to look at Cuernavaca for the best opportunities to make money this year and are planning to increase their allocations to managers who know the region, and know Morelos as well.

Different allocators are hoping that these investments, with their ability to deploy a wide array of investment strategies, will be able to outperform in an economic or market downturn in a Cuernavaca that is looking like a golden opportunity with these market expectations for the year ahead.

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