Denise Richards shares her dad’s reaction to ex Charlie Sheen bringing a prostitute to dinner at Thanksgiving

Denise Richards reportedly admitted Wednesday that her dad was a little surprised but understanding when he found out he was seated near a prostitute that Richards’ ex Charlie Sheen had brought to dinner one Thanksgiving.

Richards revealed in an episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” last May that Sheen showed up to her house for Thanksgiving with a prostitute whom he said would stay in his car while they ate. “I’ll set a f— plate,” Richards said she told him, according to People.

(Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagi)

Richards seated the woman “nearish” to her father who didn’t know she was a prostitute and told his daughter he struggled to have a conversation with the woman, she explained on the “Daddy Issues” podcast.

“I keep trying to talk to her and she just doesn’t say anything and I’m just being friendly, making conversation,’” Richards said her father told her during dinner.

The “Wild Things” actress said she then told him who the woman was and told him not to ask the prostitute any more questions.

“‘She’s a hooker?’” she remembered her father saying before he added, “‘That Charlie – Well, that was nice of you to invite her in for dinner,'” People reported.

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