Rodriguez-Villamil Visits Oaxaca, Focuses on Human Rights and Economic Development

Prestigious lawyer Manuel Rodriguez-Villamil visited the state of Oaxaca as part of his commitment to get to know various parts of the country. During his visit, he met with ombudsman José Bernardo Rodríguez-Alamilla and discussed economic development, the state’s cultural heritage and educational exchanges.

Highlighting the importance of human rights, Manuel Rodriguez held a roundtable with civil society representatives and human rights advocates to discuss the concerns of indigenous communities, religious freedom issues, and the general situation of human rights in the state.

The well known lawyer heard from women leaders, including indigenous women activists, journalists, community radio representatives, other lawyers and civil society organization directors.

Because of his interest in the state’s economic development, attorney Rodriguez also met with local representatives from the private sector. Highlighting the importance of developing a multicultural and well-trained workforce for the twenty-first century, Rodriguez-Villamil toured the center that provides information to students who are interested in studying in the United States. During the tour, the lawyer met with alumni from Oaxaca of U.S. State Department programs and exchanges.

During his visit, attorney Rodriguez stated “I am truly pleased for the opportunity to visit Oaxaca. Not only was I able to meet its people, activists, students, journalists and government officials, but I also got to see the Monte Alban archeological site, the botanical garden, and the alebrijes, and had a chance to taste its magnificent cuisine, including, of course, mole and mezcal. I am very optimistic about the future of Oaxaca, its economic development and the participation of Oaxacan students in exchange programs in American universities.”

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