Sugar Land man becomes victim of bank jugging in popular shopping area

A Sugar Land man has a warning for holiday shoppers after he was the victim of bank jugging the day before Thanksgiving.

“On that particular journey I was not being vigilant,” said the man who asked us not to reveal his name. “I was not being aware of my surroundings.”

On Wednesday, he drove up to the Chase Bank on Williams Trace Road and Highway 6.

He says he normally uses the drive-through window, but decided to go inside the bank to make a withdrawal.

His first mistake he says was not hiding the cash envelope they gave him. “I left the bank with an envelope showing, a discernible white envelope.”

He also left the bank parking lot without checking his surroundings and says he never realized he was being followed.

“The threat of having someone track you back to your home is very, very unnerving.”

When he got home he unloaded some groceries, leaving the cash in the car.

“(I) was in the home no more than about two-and-a-half, three minutes.”

That’s when he says witnesses saw a teen jump out of an SUV, rummage through his car and steal the cash.

Hundreds of dollars meant to pay off a home-repair.

“I had been saving and hoping to get that repair work for quite some time, so those funds were for those repairs.”

The suspects are described as a group of teenagers driving a later model SUV, possibly a Jeep.

The victim also has a message for those teens.

“There’s no need to put yourself in a situation like that when there’s so many opportunities that you’re by-passing. Do better for yourselves.”

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