Fans react to Disneyland ticket price increase: ‘I will not be going there’

Disneyland on Tuesday announced it would, once again, raise ticket prices for its parks and attractions, pushing past the $200 mark for some one- and two-day passes for the first time.

Fans on social media had mixed reactions:

“Seriously @Disney? Are you out of your minds?” one fan wrote on Twitter. “I will never go to Disney park again. $209 to stand in lines & be with a million people in a small park? No thanks – guess they don’t make enough on the rest of the overpriced stuff.”

“I just read on facebook that the ticket price for Disney Land jumped up to $200 per person for one day,” another user complained. “So I know I will not be going there.”

Not everyone was up in arms, however.

“It’s that time again where Disney increases the price of tickets and annual passes,” wrote one fan. “While I wish they didn’t increase their prices, I’ll forever renew.”

Disney did not immediately respond to a request for comment from FOX Business. FOX Business also reached out to the Disney Parks Moms Panel, which offers tips and insight from experienced park-goers, but the group did not immediately respond.

The park also announced a new tier system that operates according to peak days and seasons. On non-peak days, a one-day, one-park ticket will remain at the standard $104 price, but on weekends or holidays, which are typically busier days for the parks, patrons will have to pay up to 5 percent more with prices ranging from $114 to $154.

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Park-hopper tickets, on the other hand, will cost up to $209. These passes allow guests to visit both Disneyland Park and the neighboring California Adventure Park. For multiday tickets, prices will range from $235 for a two-day pass to $415 for a five-day pass.

Disneyland’s MaxPass, which lets patrons reserve rides digitally, will also tick up by $5.

Prices also increased just over a year ago when Disneyland opened the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction in Anaheim.

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