Tesla loses billions in value after Elon Musk goes on bizarre coronavirus rant and vows to become homeless

In a series of tweets this Friday morning, Elon Musk wiped out billions of dollars in Tesla’s value. The outburst comes on the heels of the Tesla CEO using Twitter to voice his opinion that the coronavirus outbreak is being overblown by the media and politicians.

Today, Musk took on a strange tone. In one tweet, Musk wrote that Tesla’s “stock price is too high [in my opinion].” He also claimed that he’s going to sell everything he owns.

“I am selling almost all physical possessions,” he wrote. “Will own no house.”

Fred Lambert of Electrek chalked Musk’s rant up to just being a result of stress from the coronavirus economy.

“I know a lot of people are calling him crazy on Twitter, and that’s the easy thing to do,” Lambert wrote. “While I don’t necessarily agree with his stance, I don’t blame him for it. I have been cutting everyone some slack over their comments and stances on this crisis since it is a stressful time for everyone.”

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