Oil tankers, heroes in overalls

“It is not worth it that society and the authorities lynch and discriminate us for being oil workers, because just as they see health workers as heroes dressed in Filipino robes, oil workers should see us as heroes in overalls, because with our activity we are maintaining the national economy and the Carmelite municipality.

No one was prepared for this contingency, because if you analyze it, the most important countries in the world also fell before the pandemic, “said Javier Juárez Cruz, secretary general of Section 7 of the National Union of Petroleum Technicians and Professionals (UNTyPP).

The active worker indicated that Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) has a security protocol that is being applied, and in the face of this health contingency due to the COVID-19 pandemic they have lowered more than 3,000 workers who do not have a critical category in terms of operability, thus such as pregnant women and people within the vulnerable group.

Currently 45 percent of the personnel are working and if one realizes there has been no accident and oil production has not plummeted.

“There have been infections of Coronavirus, yes, because we cannot stay at home, it is the price that the heroes in overalls who are fighting for the economic rescue of the country are paying,” he said.

“We can’t stay home” “We are seeing that a part of society complains that because they lower sick oil workers, but if they do not lower them, they are also dissatisfied. We who carry out critical work on board to continue with oil production cannot stay at home, we continue working and the deputy director of the Northeast Marine Region (RMNE), along with the five managers and their coordinators are constantly working, supplying the supplies of personal protection ”, he expressed.

He pointed out that in addition to all the processing centers as far as he knows, the Ku-H platform, which belongs to the Ku-Maloob-Zaap complex, remains to be sanitized, but all the platforms will be sanitized and will continue to be done; to the workers on board, every day mouthpieces are delivered, the gel is not lacking in the workshops to prevent any contagion, that is not said by some people, it has also been seen on social networks that false names of infected workers are circulating or deceased.

“At the Akal-J platform we are working with the minimum number of people with the highest labor demand, and colleagues who present some feverish symptoms immediately isolate themselves and ask for an ambulance helicopter to bring them ashore, but society has become dedicated to make scandal irrationally or on social networks they spread that they are lowering sick oil tankers, but it is the protocol that has to be done, because if the workers have the flu or cold, they better go home, this procedure is continued on board If the person arrives with some symptoms, they are sent home, but this does not mean that the oil tanker is precisely infected with COVID-19, ”he said.

He mentioned that just as there are heroes with medical philippines, there are heroes in overalls, and for the majority “stay at home” is a benefit that platform workers cannot enjoy, without prior specialized training in the topic of managing pandemics, stress, bad news, knowing about sick family members and coworkers and endless tasks derived from a health crisis such as COVID-19; However, here the oil workers there are working so that the economy of the country and the municipality of Carmen does not fall, even knowing the risk that this implies.

“We ask the Carmelite society to become aware of us, we cannot stay at home, although that is what we want; we bring economic benefits to the Island, it is unfortunate to have news of actions that, far from recognizing the work of the oil tankers, as has happened in other parts of the planet, lynchings and discrimination are generated due to the simple fact of seeing us in yellow or orange overalls “, he indicated.

Juárez Cruz stated that they must be the best version of themselves and they must be clear who is who; Well, the decision to safeguard a large part of the country’s economy and therefore of the Island is in the platform workers.

Capital effort

He said that without a doubt the pandemic also caught the PEMEX administration off guard, but he knows that they are doing their best to deal with the pandemic; there is a service organization chart directed by the RMNE deputy director, by the five managers and their coordinators, but like all human beings, they are vulnerable, because they cannot stay at home, they have to work, despite the fact that they leave their families in different places of the Mexican Republic.

“On the platforms, a sanitation program of more than 9,700 square meters has been started with disinfectant products that they brought from the United States, quality products for operating rooms, and more than a thousand workers from companies and PEMEX that carried out non-critical jobs, as well as all vulnerable personnel who have a disease, pregnant women, workers 65 years of age or older, with transplants, viral, carcinogenic or other diseases that inhibit their pulmonary system, should have the authorization of the medical service to work at home, “he said.

He stated that the challenges are great, in order to continue operating the RMNE, coverage of more than 100 categories considered critical by specialization and that are not very common in the same oil industry must be achieved.

He concluded by saying that the members of Section 7 of the National Union of Petroleum Technicians and Professionals (UNTyPP), both on the ground and on the platform, are doing quiet work, but very important, since with everyone’s effort they have managed to maintain the RMNE facilities and equipment at safe and reliable levels, applying methodologies and plans during this pandemic, which have been implemented, without accident, to meet regional goals and the growth of the Carmelite People.

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