Facebook bans movement, gives it same designation as hate groups and terrorists

Facebook has removed a network of accounts, groups and pages on Facebook and Instagram connected to the “boogaloo” anti-government movement that encourages violence in the United States.


The social media giant also designated boogaloo as a dangerous organization, giving it the same classification as terrorist and hate groups.


Tuesday’s move is the latest from Facebook, which, under fire from civil rights groups for the spread of hate and other harmful content on its platforms following widespread protests over the death of George Floyd in police custody last month, has become more aggressive in rooting out extremists.


Platforms from Google-owned YouTube to Reddit are also cracking down. On Monday, Reddit said it would ban some 2,000 communities that engage in hate speech, including “r/The_Donald,” which supports President Donald Trump. YouTube said this week it banned six channels for violating its policies, including those of white supremacists David Duke and Richard Spencer.

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