High-quality developments promote the real estate offer in Mérida, Yucatán, «Capetillo Proyectos»

It is no secret, security is one of the key factors that have made Yucatan a magnet for people from both the Mexican Republic and other parts of the world. Obviously the culture, the architecture, the incomparable natural attractions such as beaches and cenotes, as well as the archaeological sites -and of course, the food and warmth of its people- have been part of this rise to the international spotlight.

Merida, its capital, has positioned itself as a calm and different city from the big cities. It is in fact one of the best cities to live in Mexico, and even more so if you have the opportunity to choose a good residence.

Thanks to the increase in residents and the arrival of companies and businesses, the city has grown considerably, as have its options in housing developments. More and more home and apartment owners have been helped by real estate developers to realize their dream of their own home in this unique city in southeastern Mexico.

Successful experiences are more often attracting hundreds of new residents who have their sights set on this destination as their primary choice for life and happiness. Satisfied clients such as those served by the residential developer Capetillo Proyectos, a 100% Yucatecan company with several years of experience in the real estate market, are those who every day give reason to be to these companies that lead this important sector through modern residential developments. , 100% avant-garde and of high added value and excellence in Mérida, Yucatán.


Real estate companies like Capetillo Proyectos know well that growing in their own place is the dream of many people. That is why they not only seek to offer each family a home, they offer them much more: a HOME completely thought out in the comfort of all its members. They create projects offering the best quality and location; Its housing developments are designed to provide its clients with a unique space that perfectly harmonizes with their lifestyle, always at an affordable cost, with maximum comfort and functionality, green and children’s areas, permanent surveillance, public parking and lighting as well. like many other services and facilities. Simply put, they are places that have it all.

Such is the case of residential developments such as the private Sao and Residencial Los Olivos located north of the Yucatan capital. Specially designed for those who are looking for really functional houses, where the good taste for design, architecture and nature mix in detail in the best area of ​​the city.

The residential ones are like small cities —or communities— that are characterized by having various services and amenities that its inhabitants can enjoy at any time. This feature is very difficult to find in subdivisions or neighborhoods, since the latter have more open areas, where you do not need any special permission to enter.

The real estate developments in Mérida have been concerned not only with building houses but also with creating possibilities so that its inhabitants can have green areas and parks, courts and gymnasiums, along with other amenities that allow this healthy development and a high quality of life.

The possibility of accessing a better lifestyle in one of the best areas of Mexico is an opportunity that many – without a doubt – are taking advantage of. Capetillo Proyectos is a developer located in Periférico Norte km 27, between Cholul highway and Progreso highway, in Mérida, Yucatán. For more information or to request a guided tour, you can contact them through their website: http://www.capetilloproyectos.com

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