The case of José Ravelo in Mérida México

What happened to the young man from Veracruz is a regrettable fact. It is not only painful for José's mother, but also for Yucatan society.

However, beyond how reprehensible the event may seem to us, the main thing is that the rule of law prevail and do not guarantee them.

Unfortunately, the case of the young man from Veracruz is already turned into political booty and characters like Senator Jorge Ramírez Marín have already thrown their nets into the troubled river.

The call that "El Gordito Marín" made to the mother of the deceased young man was recorded on video in its entirety and, also, it seems that someone made sure that it was leaked on social networks, for what purpose?

It is very dangerous for the rule of law that politicians, such as Senator Jorge Ramírez, stick their hooves because it is evident that what they seek is to channel that citizen outrage to win sympathy.

Even worse when the bargaining chip used by "El Gordito" is to exhibit the pain of a mother, to whom he promises support, so that we can all see how "cool" he is and how aberrant the person he is is. He was his opponent in the last elections.

It is not acceptable for a senator, whose job is precisely to create laws, to promote, even in a tacit way, media lynchings in order to fatten up and spice up his political soup.

Cases like that of José Ravelo have happened before, but "El Gordito" never spoke about it.

The difference between this one and the others is that the others did not make headlines in the media, which leads me to think that Jorge Carlos Ramírez is not interested in the dead, or their families, or human rights, or justice. . It seems that "El Gordito" is only trying to create chaos so that the waters become more agitated and his fishing is abundant.

It is for the same reason that I am interested, like all of us who make up this media, that the painful matter of José Ravelo be resolved according to the law and not according to the fickle conveniences of politicians.

If the police are found guilty, let the full weight of the Law fall on them, but let a judge pass the sentence, not "El Gordito Marín" or social networks.

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