Senator of Quintana Roo has properties of almost 263 million pesos

The senator for Quintana Roo Marybel Villegas Canché owns 26 lots in the exclusive area known as Cosgaya, near Mérida, Yucatán, which together amount to more than 21 hectares equivalent to 252 million 640 thousand 800 pesos. Using her husband, the former prisoner Jorge Gilberto Parra Moguel, and hers, her brother Javier Raymundo Villegas Canché, as prestanombres, the polychromatic legislator does business with the land that she had in her hands all of a sudden. Cosgaya is a town that in recent years has gained great relevance for being located 15 minutes from Mérida. According to the portal, this town has just a population of 670 inhabitants (342 Men and 328 Women), however, in recent times it has become an exclusive area with high added value in white Mérida.

The properties that for some reason are in the name of her husband and her brother, are located to the northeast, 26 kilometers from the Center of Mérida; it borders Noc Ac and Kikteil. These properties add to the record of inexplicable wealth that she has amassed in her tenure as a civil servant. And this enrichment that is not explained becomes that in her 2016 wealth statement Marybel Villegas reported having just over two million pesos in various bank accounts; in one of them, from Banco Santander, she “saved” the amount of one million pesos. Just a year later, that account already had 30 million pesos more, to add 31, according to its 2017 equity statement. But that’s not all, since in 2013, last six years, her husband, Jorge Gilberto Parra, and her brother Javier Raymundo Villegas, received a free award of 170 thousand square meters of land in Mérida, Yucatán. Hence the more than 20 property titles issued in favor of the relatives of the senator who, in 2013, held the position of deputy in the State Congress.

To these long extensions of land are added the 26 lots in the exclusive area known as Cosgaya, near Mérida, Yucatán, which together amount to more than 21 hectares equivalent to 252,640,800 pesos. It should be noted that in recent months this area already has most of the services, that is, there is already 70% drinking water; 70% electrification; 100% garbage collection, 70% public lighting, 80% population telephones, baseball field, women’s training center and municipal cemetery, services that are not available in other parts of Mérida. In other words, municipal, state and federal authorities are in collusion to give more value to the lands of the senator who deploys millionaire advertising campaigns of her image without any embarrassment.



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