Article 19 denounces judical harassment against journalist Eduardo Lliteras in Yucatan Mexico

The civil organization Article 19 denounced the case of judicial harassment against the journalist Eduardo Lliteras of the media outlet, in Yucatan.
He explained that the communicator was notified, on April 18, of a lawsuit filed in the third court of the first department of justice of Yucatan, for alleged moral damage against businessman Rafael Acosta Solís.

The complaint is claimed for the publication of the text Denuncias ejidales de Smahil to Rafael Acosta Solís: backpack with documents and money from ejidatarios was stolen, which was published in the digital media
According to Article 19, the businessman also sued three other media outlets and two journalists for similar publications, demanding that the publications be removed and requesting compensation of 500,000 pesos.

Given this, he demanded that the Judiciary of Yucatan take into account the highest standards of human rights, in relation to freedom of expression, to guarantee it and not limit it, in order to finish the case.

Meanwhile, he asked the protection mechanism for human rights defenders and journalists to take appropriate measures since the statement is in a vulnerable situation.

Article 19 warned that one of the most frequent ways of abusing state power is through judicial harassment with the aim of censoring and intimidating people who reveal information of public interest, either for their journalistic work or for the defense of human rights.

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